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    How to Determine Cows Pregnancy

    Date:14-09-20 Author:admin viewed

     There are many farmers choose to use ultrasound scanner to diagnose the cow is pregnant or not, this method accuracy rate is up to 100%.Use veterinary ultrasound scanner to test cows are pregnant or not, the probe transmit images back, it will be clear determine, simple and convenient security. Cows generally are examined by rectal, the probe touch anterior rectal wall to observed the each section of area of the entire uterus and ovary. No need to use hands to touch uterus and ovary when people used veterinary ultrasound scanners, no any damage for pregnant cow, but also to avoid infection zoonoses. Use Xuzhou Palmary veterinary ultrasound scanners, with exploration time is short, high accuracy characteristics. Cattle can be checked at the earliest 28 days after mating, 32 days of pregnancy detection accuracy rate of up to 100%.