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    Xuzhou Palmary Electronics Co., Ltd

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    Palmary Electronics Co., Ltd

    Since its foundation in 2000, Xuzhou Palmary Electronics Co., Ltd dedicating to innovation technology and application of ultrasound imaging in medical science field. Today we are one of the wold’s leading and professional manufacturers of ultrasound system and digital colposcopes in China. The products range covered ultrasound scanner for humanity and veterinary. Also veterinary have an unique core technology and a leading worldwide level.
    Quality is the life of the enterprise and motivation

    Company to carry out "quality is enterprise's life and power" quality consciousness, always put the quality of the product quality first, using the advanced management methods to ensure product constantly to meet customer demand, in 2004 the company passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification and CMD Chinese medical device quality system certification.
    To provide high quality medical products

    Our company is dedicated to the broad masses of customers to provide quality medical products, PL - 2018 series b-type ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, PL - 3018 digital ultrasonic diagnostic system, PL - 9800 series electronic colposcope, integrates light, machine, electric computer technology, biomedical engineering technology as a whole, with its excellent function, extraordinary image that is suitable for medical diagnosis, is a better cost performance products on the market at present.
    Strong technical strength and improve the service network

    Now Pyle has the abundant technical strength, perfect service network, our company to develop production of medical equipment products throughout the country, has a large number of equipment to the medical institutions, laboratories, bureau of animal husbandry, colleges and universities and large farms, etc., received a good number of units. Company is dedicated to the broad masses of users to provide quality, convenient, timely and thoughtful after-sales service, 24 small and move, quickly solve problems and difficulties in use.